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Ruth's Vision for Ward 4 and Holyoke

I am running for City Council because I saw the necessity of addressing residents' issues; walking and campaigning for others made me want to make a change and be a listener for residents, because this is our home and this is our family, and we take care of family.

I realized that residents' issues have been ignored, and there has been a lack of communication; unanswered phone calls and emails. Not only that, I will also have much more of a physical presence in the ward.

Things I will do include:
  • Seek ways to support neighborhood allies through team building.
  • Maintain cleanliness in our streets, storm drains, and neighborhoods.
  • Support public safety through the shot spotter program.
  • Seek to educate our community on housing insecurity & homelessness issues, mental health & harm reduction, elderly & veterans' services, and food scarcity.
  • Make our streets safer through the use of speed bumps, added stop signs, and eliminating blind spots at intersections.
  • Support education programs; advocate for student and parent supports, after-school programs; support programs that teach financial literacy. Provide companies with a qualified workforce, so that they in turn will bring revenue to our city.
I am not here for popularity, but out of commitment to service.

I like diversity, and will welcome and help provide programs that unify all cultures, making them an asset for our community. I know what it is to feel small, but there's nothing small about any of us; we all bring different contributions to the community.

Micheal Siciliano, who was running in the ward during the last election, sadly passed away before seeing that his numbers were growing. To celebrate his memory I will support all volunteer work, and protect homeowners from higher taxes.

Thank you for supporting my candidacy. My table is open to everyone to bring your ideas and sentiments.